Sunday, October 7, 2007

Discipline and our kids

If we take a closer look at the world today, we see more and more young people are becoming delinquent. Younger and younger kids are smoking, in alcohol abuse, doing drugs, and the saddest thing committing crimes. This has not been so 30, 40 years ago. What happened? What could have caused the young people of today to be into these things?

Many argue that this is because of the communication and entertainment media, the television, the internet, and the movies; the low moral values and the violence that is showcased through these media.

Yes. It is undeniably true that the communication and entertainment media could rewire and influence negatively the thoughts and the minds, and thus the values of our kids. But, this is not the root cause of the degradation of the morals of our youth today. The real cause? Lack of discipline.

Let’s take the issue of the television, internet and the movies. As it is indeed true that what is showcased through these media could rewire the thoughts and minds of the children, this is only if and when these media becomes accessible to children. However violent and low the morals that are showcased in the television, the internet and the movies are, if the children don’t have the access, if they don’t get to see it, they won’t be affected; their minds, their thoughts won’t be re-wired and influenced. Their values won’t be hurt. The children could only have access, the children could only see these unfit things, if and only when the parents permit it. If and only when parents DON’T see to it that these unfit programs, unfit movies, unfit websites, are not accessible to their kids. This therefore falls to discipline, the lack of discipline.

Discipline according to the dictionary is training that develops self-control and efficiency. The state and condition of an orderly conduct resulting from such training; chastisement, obedience to rules and the law. Discipline therefore, in parenting is teaching our kids what is right from what is wrong, what is orderly and proper from what is not. It is teaching our kids not to do or to be not into things and practices that are detrimental and could harm their well-being. It is teaching our kids stuff that will led them to learning good and moral values. Values, a very crucial knowledge they need, to fare good and even better in this life.

Discipline is first and foremost for the benefit of our children, and is also for us. How come? Discipline will save parents from future heartaches, disappointments and shame, delinquent children cause.

How then will we discipline our children?

Discipline seems to vary among culture, communities and parents, but generally it falls to one thing, permissiveness. What can be and cannot be is the basis of discipline, what a child is allowed to do and to have and what she cannot. Discipline therefore is imposing and sticking to this simple rule.

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