Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sweets don’t make our kids hyperactive!

Yes! Sweets don’t make our kids hyperactive.

This was proven by a British study wherein a bunch of kids were served two sets of food, one laden with sugar, the other with no sugar at all, in two separate parties. In the party wherein the kids were served with food that is without sugar, all fruits and veggies, but made to play games and lively activities, the kids turned out to be hyperactive, and unstoppable. In the second party, the kids were served with candies and cakes and fizzes which they are even allowed to add sugar, but their activity was just storytelling, the kids turned out to be calm, and behaved. British doctors explained that the behaviors of the kids were influenced not by what they ate, but by the activity they had on the party. Our brain burns the amount of fuel it needs, and it only accepts the amount of fuel it requires. Just like a car engine, even though the tank is full, the amount of fuel used is just according to its need. The extra fuel remains in the tank. In the case of our kids, the extra sugar will remain in their bodies making them fat.

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anita said...

I liked your article, I had also come across an article which stated that sweets do not make kids hyperactive. I also liked the post on parenting,I too have wriiten a post on parenting and motherhood as I have a son who is 2yrs old.I will keep visiting ur blog, u cud visit mine and leave ur comments.

David MacGregor said...

Can you tell me the source of the study you referred to?